Truly Beautiful Inside and Out

Book Summary

Truly Beautiful Inside and Out is a motivational, inspirational and challenging book. To be beautiful is a most desired wish on everyone’s part. People love to meet and interact with people of that caliber. We all can exude goodness and be loving, joyful people. God Almighty created us in His image, what more can we ask for? As God’s children, we are all loved by Him. The 12 chapters explain our life’s journey, describing what we can become and can contribute to society in a positive or negative way. We can all pursue our life’s journey with strong faith in the Lord to overcome obstacles. We have the freewill to seek happiness or take the wrong direction. Coping techniques are emphasized for counteracting boredom. Do we know our self-worth and have we self -respect? Can we learn the difference between being assertive or aggressive? How can we be the best that we can be? How can we make a difference in this world? How do we handle failures? What qualities are needed by teachers, parents, leaders, or employers to encourage people to attain success? How do we not panic when faced with challenges, but instead forge through with confidence? Good communication skills are explained, an important component of success in life. Last, the author emphasizes the importance of having good character with strong faith in order to surmount many tribulations, and be triumphant at the end.

“…with God all things are possible.” Mark 10:27

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Another Great Piece from the Author of “Musa Dagh Girl”

“This book was a great, quick read. I was curious about it because I read the author’s other book, “Musa Dagh Girl,” and knew that she had great success in her life despite very humble beginnings (not to mention her parents escaped the Armenian genocide of 1915). I always want to hear the advice of someone like that, especially if it’s self-published. The book was very enlightening, and I often felt like I was talking to a neighbor instead of a stranger. Her views are a bit traditional (Armenians love their Bibles, after all!), but can be applied easily to all peoples from all walks of life, regardless of religious background.”

Christee Bauer (source: Amazon)


“A “book for all seasons,” TRULY BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT inspires from beginning to end! It is a JOY to read. The author has an intimate writing style—-almost conversational—-and she covers all aspects of living and being; from making healthy choices, to learning how to overcome obstacles and failures; from communication skills to style and fashion advice; from the importance of discipline to the way one can make a difference. The book is filled with positive emotions and ways of living, and closes with the importance and power of prayer, and what victorious living looks and feels like. Read through the book first, then keep it close-by to refer to when a special need or question arises.”

Georgette B. Denlinger (source: Amazon)

“Truly beautiful” book!

“I initially bought this book as a gift for a college graduate, and I ended up buying a copy for myself, too! It really is a mini-encyclopedia for those trying to lead a prosperous, fulfilling life. Success can often seem elusive, but author Virginia Apelian (Musa Dagh Girl) delivers an approachable outline for success that makes all of our goals and ambitions seem possible. A must read for people of all ages and backgrounds!!”

holly (source: Amazon)

A self-help book for everyone

“A concise, well written book filled with practical advise for men and women of all ages. I particularly liked the fact that the author avoided the use of “technical jargon”, and wrote each chapter that it may stand alone for easy reference.”

Patricia (source: Amazon)

Highly recommended to book lovers of all kinds

“Phenomenal book. Highly recommended to book lovers of all kinds.”

T. James (source: Amazon)