Musa Dagh Girl

“Musa Dagh Girl: Daughter of Armenian Genocide Survivors is a book for both the young and old. Written by the daughter of Armenian Genocide survivors, it is a must purchase.”

Dr. Thomas Brown
President Emeritus
Union County College, N.J.

A Brief Review

Musa Dagh Girl Book Cover

In this most compelling and inspirational memoir, Musa Dagh Girl: Daughter of Armenian Genocide Survivors, Virginia Matosian Apelian tells of her loving upbringing against a dark historical background.

The narrative takes the reader, step by step, as a young girl arrives in America full of dreams, but experiences culture shock. Eventually, her dreams are realized through hard work, loving parents, and, especially, faith in God.

The author appeals to the very young and old with loving fervor as she tells her story of deportation, refugee camps, and the historical background of her people—the Armenians.

The author recounts the First Genocide of the 20th century with all its ugly ramifications, one which was waged by the Ottoman Turkish Empire against Armenians. The event shocked the world in 1915 and continues to impact foreign relations policies today.

It is highly educational for readers of all ages to understand the historical struggles of Armenians. Yet, how engaged the young Verjine Matosian became to climb the ladder to success despite the obstacles facing her. Her American patriotism is glowing and unyielding. Having been told by her parents and having studied other governments, including those in the Middle East, she acknowledges that the United States is the best country in the world—not perfect, but the best.

The author is a positive person who enjoys life fully. Her childhood was one of great memories and learned lessons. The emergence of Apelian’s American life shows a dignified level of growth, respect for human beings, and love of country. Most importantly, she praises Almighty God for all of His blessings.

Now available in hardcover and paperback through my publisher, Xulon Press and other online book sellers.


Musa Dagh Girl: “A Gripping Story”

“When longtime friend and political colleague Virginia Apelian asked me to write the FORWARD to her book, I had no idea what a magnificent product sh was producing. Not only does it tell a gripping tale of man’s inhumanity to man but the over 300 pictures scattered throughout the enthralling detailed book, bring to life the people, places and causes about which she passionately writes.”

The Honorable State Senator
Leanna Brown

“Musa Dagh Girl is a powerful book.”

Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church at Boonton, NJ

Musa Dagh Girl, a song of America

“This book is a highly readable narration of Armenian History, particularly of Musa Dagh and the reality of the promise of the New Land. Where else could a young girl step in a foreign land and find the acceptance and the trust she did and reaped the rewards for hard work and determination, other than in America? As the saying goes- “everything personal is universal” – while the book is also personal reminiscing and yet it is universal in its appeal. “Musa Dagh Girl” is a song of America that made the pursuit of happiness a reality for the author, Virginia Matosian Apelian.”

Dr. Vahe Apelian
Loveland, OH
(source: Amazon)

“This is a rivetting book, and it has opened my eyes to the culture and history of the Armenian people..and to the horrible atrocities and genocide of Armenia by the Turks in 1915. Virginia Apelian describes in great detail the ordeal of her own family, their flight from their home in Armenia to other countries of the mid-east and finally to America. It is a book that shows the strength of the human spirit and faith in God.”

Georgette DenlingerMarlton, New Jeresey
(source: Amazon)

Book is a testament to positive outcomes ‘Musa Dagh Girl’ (excerpts)

… Apelian’s desire to excel and tenacity were evident from an early age. …  While “Musa Dagh Girl” recounts many trials and tribulations, it is a testament to faith and ultimately, positive outcomes. …

Lisa KintishStaff Writer
The Record (view full article)

“Musa Dagh Girl author, Virginia Apelian was interviewed live on the Radio at 89.5 FM, May 8, 2011 on Mother’s Day at Seton Hall University, Armenian Radio by Professor Vartan Abdo. He thanked Virgina saying, “This is such a passionate book, and so much detail to explain lucidly to the reader to walk through it. Thank you so much for your dedication of this work. And please keep your dynamism!”

Professor Vartan AbdoProducer of Armenian Hour

“Dear Virginia,
Your history in your book of Armenia is replete with such good details that I did not know. Your great book has motivated me to revise my memoir.
I had to read your chapter on Musa Dagh and Armenian history one more time before I pass it on to my sister. Your details are mind boggling.”

Helen Jones
Author, Whiting, New Jersey

“Dear Virginia,
I want to thank you for the EXCELLENT book, Musa Dagh Girl, and how you represented the plight of Christians around the world, not just in Armenia.”

Sincerely,Dr. Jaime Santamaria, M.D. & F.A.C.S.
Asst. Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology
Columbia University
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Wills Eye Surgical Network

“Dear Virginia,
Musa Dagh Girl is a most interesting book with its fascinating history. We are pleased to add it to our Middle School library.”

Carolyn K. Borlo
Head of School, Wilson School
Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

“In her book, Musa Dagh Girl, Daughter of Armenian Genocide Survivors, Virginia Matosian Apelain, describes her personal life, her parents’ life and the Armenian national life, as a journey of growing up, starting over, and forging new beginnings. She believes that despite all its hardships, life can be a celebration to nurture our intellectual and spiritual lives. Describing the various stages of her own life, the author tells her readers that to be successful in their lives, they need faith, insightful wisdom, and God’s direction as they tackle new challenges and embrace new opportunities.

Written in a style that is conversational, lively and engaging, the author is an acute observer of event sand a good storyteller. She has given us more than just harrowing account of what happened to the Armenian nation in general, and to the Musa Dagh people in particular, but the ability to rise from their ashes, like the mythological Phoenix and declare to the world that they are very much alive and will continue to make their contribution to the civilization of mankind.

I enjoyed reading the book and can recommend it to the Armenian and non-Armenian reading public.”

Dr. Rev. Vahan H. Tootikian
of the Armenian Evangelical World Council
Author of numerous Theological and Historical books


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