About Me

Virginia (Matosian) Apelian has been a Psychologist/Educator/Lecturer for 26 years. She went to college when she was a mother of four children. She would bring them to school, then rush to her full schedule, then get out before the children were dismissed from school pick them up and go home. Virginia graduated from Union College in 1973 with high honors being on the Dean’s and the President’s Lists. Then she continued at Rutgers University as a full-fledged student at Douglass College, majoring in psychology and heavy in courses of history and constitutional law, and graduated from Douglass in 1975. Virginia was admitted to the DOUGLAS SOCIETY in 1995 which is the highest honor that Douglass bestows upon its graduates.

She also has served as a public elected official having been the First Woman Council President of Clark, N. J. in 1982. She has served the people well, and thinks that to be a public servant is a great honor.

Virginia is listed in many professional encyclopedias for her outstanding works. Also, she had received many local, county, state, national and international accolades. For example, she was chosen as International Woman of the Year, 1992-93, which is also highlighted at the newest edition of Rutgers University’s Directory of February, 2011.

Virginia’s vision and passion of life is very obvious and she is a firm believer of ‘Human Rights’ and respect for all human beings.

She lives in Parsippany, N. J. with her husband Henry, a former Schering-Plough Corp., International Director of Labs. They have been blessed with four children, and eight grandchildren. Virginia believes firmly that all of these great things have happened because of the grace of Almighty God.


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