Musa Dagh Girl at the Kean University Holocaust Center

“In 1915, the Turkish Government began and ruthlessly carried out the infamous massacre and deportation of Armenians in Asian Minor. There is no reasonable doubt that this crime was planned and executed for political reasons.” — Winston Churchill

This is their story…

Learn about history from this three part documentary on the Armenian Genocide, from Holocaust Center at Kean University on April 23, 2015 and presented by the Liberty Action Network TV. We take you from the beginning of the conflict to the resistance in Part One: “Musa Dagh.” Including an introduction by Ms. Janice Kroposky, Director of Holocaust Resource, Kean University.

Part Two of the Armenian Genocide: “Musa Dagh and Beyond”.

Part Three: “The Aftermath of the Armenian Genocide”

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Gomidas Vartabed is an ‘Armenian Cultural and Musical Icon’

Gomidas (or Komitas) Vartabed (meaning Priest in Armenian)

He was born in Turkey in 1869 as Soghomon Kevork Soghomonian.  His parents were very musically talented.  His mother died when he was a year old, and 10 years later his father also passed away.  He as an orphan was sent to St. Etchmiadzin Seminary to study where he was ordained as a Monk in 1890.  Then in 1893, he was ordained a ‘Vartabed’ (priest).  This is when he was given the name Gomidas, the  name of the outstanding poet of 7th Century.  He showed such terrific talent of music both writing it and making collections of ‘Folk Armenian music’.  Also he wrote numerous  church liturgy musical pieces.  He left for Berlin to study under Richard Schmidt.  In 1899, he acquired the Title of Doctor of Musicology and returned to Etchmiadsin, the very First Christian Church in the World.  He was the 1st non-European to be admitted into the International Music Society.  He had many lectures and performances throughout Europe, Turkey,  and Egypt where they did not have any Armenian music before. French composer Claude De-bussy declared that Gomidas is a ‘Music Genius’ because he paid high  tribute to Gomidas’ talent.

Gomidas was one of the talents that  was on the line of persecution during the Armnian Genocide when it started April 24, 1915.  He was saved from the others by a Turkish poet friend Emin Yurdakul, and the US Ambassador in Turkey, Henry Morgenthau  Sr. from the slaughter of the Turkish massacres.  However, it was much  grief for him to see all the tortures; thus he ended up in a Paris sanatorium.  And after years of depression , he died in 1935.  In 1936, his remains were transported to Armenia and buried in Yerevan in the Pantheon of prominent figures.

His works were first printed in Paris in 1933.  And he was recorded in a digital media in 1988 in Yerevan, and today the Music Academy in Yerevan is named after Gomidas.

Here is such an example.

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New Video Trailer From My Publisher, Xulan Press

On My Book – MUSA DAGH GIRL: Daughter of Armenian Genocide Survivors

*A 12-Frame summary by the author, Virginia (Matosian) Apelian – of Musa dagh Girl

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Armenian History on YouTube

For those of you interested in detailed Armenian history of thousands of years including the Armenian Genocide, you may go to the “YouTube – My Armenia, a documentary by Rejas Films Productions in English”.
Also, you may enjoy the beautiful Armenian Song – “Yerevan Erebuni”  on YouTube by Edgar Hovhanessian with the Sayat Nova Orchestra, and Armenia Chamber Choir”.
In addition, on YouTube, you may enjoy the Japanese School Children singing “Yerevan Erebuni” in Armenian.
These are available for your personal enjoyment!
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Holocaust and Genocide Institute’s “Learning Through Experience”

I am invited to attend the Holocaust and Genocide Institute’s 30th Annual "Learning Through Experience" seminar at Raritan Valley Community College, on May 25th. I will be speaking about my book, Musa Dagh Girl: Daughter of Armenian Genocide Survivors, at 10:15 to 11:15 A.M.

"When long-time friend and political friend Virginia Apelian asked me to write the FOREWORD to her book. I had no idea what a magnificent product she was producing. Not only does it tell a gripping tale of man’s inhumanity to man but over 300 pictures scattered throughout the enthrallinly detailed book bring to the life the people, places and causes about which she passionately writes."
Former State Senator Leanna Brown, of Morris County

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“40 Days of Musa Dagh” on youtube

I found the classic novel, “40 Days of Musa Dagh” adapted to the screen and on youtube in seven parts. It depicts the story of the Musa Dagh people I speak of in my book and shows the lanscapes of Musa Dagh. 

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Mother’s Day Radio Interview

This Sunday, May 8th and Mother’s Day, I will be interviewed by Professor Vartan Abdo about Musa Dagh Girl during Armenian Radio Hour New Jersey on Seton Hall’s Pirate Radio, 89.5 FM at 3:15 PM.

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